Down Community Jujitsu Clubs (DCJJC) are a group of martial arts clubs based in Ballynahinch, Crossgar, Newcastle, Drumaness, Leitrim and Downpatrick. As a student I can say that joining Jujitsu was one of the best decisions I have made in this part of my life. It begins with the scary first step on the mats and continues to black belt and beyond. The club is run by Master Gerald McAlister who is a 6th Dan (6th degree black belt). He is very loud but also really friendly. 

The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming in every class and the way in which Jujitsu is taught is really interesting and exciting. It teaches you more than moves and techniques. It is principals, ideas and a way of life.  People come from all backgrounds and they all learn something new from Jujitsu. In the club you will meet some of the most amazing people and build a lot of new friendships.

Each club has a junior and senior class. Juniors, aged 5-15 years come in every week for different reasons from genuine enjoyment or fitness and exercise to learning how to defend themselves.  On the mats the welfare of the child is paramount with all techniques being preformed in a safe and secure way. The coaches strive to make sure juniors enjoy the martial art and help them make new friends as well as gain confidence and learn the techniques. All coaches are first aid trained so if an injury does happen there is always someone on the mats who knows how to deal with it.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the class begins with some of the best fitness circuits available, which can be attended without any obligation to stay for the jujitsu aspect. The club has something to offer you, whatever it is you are seeking. Coming to a class with us could be one of the best decisions you have ever made. For me it has been a life changing experience and something that will stick with me forever. 

The best thing about jujitsu is that once you get started and meet everyone they become more like an extended family. With the stresses of life it is a brilliant pastime and something that will take your mind of other problems. Multiple times a year the clubs get together for gradings which are opportunities where students demonstrate their knowledge of jujitsu in order to advance through the belts. The gradings are tough and exhausting but the sense of achievement after you have earned your belt is one of the best feelings you can get.

Jujitsu and everything that comes with it brings so many things to your life. It brings in amazing people and gives you the opportunity to get fit and be healthy while learning to defend yourself. It is a brilliant martial art and it is open to people of all abilities. Jujitsu is not for everyone however I recommend that everyone try because it could be something amazing for you to discover. Another bonus is that your first class is free.

John Cahir