JuJitsu: The Japanese Martial Art which uses a combination of strikes, blocks, holds, locks, chokes and throws to overcome an opponent. It is both an effective form of self defence and a healthy activity for people of all ages. Down Community JuJitsu Clubs also gives students the opportunity to compete in grappling competitions and kata competitions (not compulsory)

Down Community JuJitsu Clubs represents the culmination of over 20 years JuJitsu and general Martial Arts experience. That is over two decades of study, development and refinement both in JuJitsu techniques and in the methods of teaching them. DCJJC is totally committed to the art of JuJitsu, to its technical development and to teaching the art to anyone willing to learn.

There are no exceptions to these commitments! From Children and Teenagers to Elderly people and those with physical disabilities,  DCJJC opens its doors to all. Whether you are looking to improve your martial arts skills, seeking a truly effective self defence system or trying to increase your awareness and self confidence, DCJJC can meet your needs.

Welcome! The mere fact that you are reading this means that you have desire to train in the Martial Arts. That desire will grow and you will soon be taking your first steps towards a lifetime of training.

Many people think about training but never make that initial step through the door to their first training session. You, I hope, will be one of those who do and begin your personal journey.

In this web site you will find articles and information that will assist you on that journey. People come to Martial arts for many different reasons, self defence, fitness, friendship, self esteem - whatever your personal reason, JuJitsu will meet your needs. Every coach is trained to a extremely high standard and will guide you through your techniques with understanding and a friendly attitude. You will also be shown other aspects of our training programme that we do not publicise on this site.

In most cases you will train in a class alongside all other ranks, from beginner through to black belt. You, however, will train with the other beginners in the class. If there are no other beginners, you will be given a training partner from the senior ranks to assess you. Their job will be to help you learn at a pace which is right for you.

The choice is yours: you now can choose to leave this site and keep thinking about training; or you can make the effort to do something about it. As I say “THE CHOICE IS YOURS”.

Good Luck.

Master Gerald McAlister
Senior Instructor DCJJC

How to become a beginner with DCJJC